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  • 적은 비용으로 CD,DVD, MD를 제한적으로 측정 할수 있다. KOAS-2000 시스템은 기존 시스템을 이용할수 있습니다. KOAS-2000 시스템은 기존 시스템의 크기의 반입니다. 3개 위상 보상의 시스템을 가지고 있습니다. 스위치를 사용하여 액츄에이터 변할화 시킬 수 있습니다. 조정 메커니즘으로서 사용하기에 가능합니다. PC없이 단독적으로 사용할 수 있습니다.
  • 2. KOAS-2000


OptiSpheric ® Specifications

Measuring item Measuring Content Measuring item
LD Power Measure the laser power output objective lens 0.05 ~ 10mW
Im (Vm) Light intensity received by the MPD 0 ~ 1000μW
Iop Mesure the current to the Laser Diode 0 ~ 100mA
S Curve Level Mesure the focus error signal between peak to peak 0.5 ~ 7.5Vp-p
S Curve Balance Mesure the center deviation of focus error signal 0 ~ ±40%
Defocus Mesure the focus offset of the best jitter point 0 ~ ±40%
PD Balance X-Y Mesure the X-Y axis deviation of main spot on the PD 0 ~ ±50%
TE Level Mesure the tracking error signal bet ween peak 0.4 ~ 2.0Vp-p
TE Balance Subtrack the centerdeviation from tracking error signal 0 ~ ±50%
E-F Phase Mesure the phase angles of the E and F sinal 0 ~ ±90º
RF Level Mesure the RF signal (EFM) between peaks 0.3 ~ 2.5vp-p


Mesure the jitter value of RF signal Depends on the PU
T/R Skew Mesure the tilt angle of the best jitter value Tan & Rad ±60º
Adjustment Item Adjustment Contents Measuring item
Defocus Adjust Adjust the focus offset obrain the bset jitter value ±2.5VDC
Te Balance Adjusts Adjust the center deciation of track error signal to 0 ±2.5VDC
Tan/Rad Skew Adjust Adjust the titt angle in the R/R direction of bset jitter ±60º
Circuit offset Adjust Adjust th offset voltage of each singal circuit to the 0 ±50mV
Stray Light Offset adj Able th adjust the stray light offset volt age to 0 ±200mV
LD read power Adjust Adjust to rarget power  
Radial Shift Adjust Move the ovjective lens in th radial dirction ±2.5VDC